Requests for Proposals: Upgrades to the Lee

We are pleased to offer two Request For Proposal (RFP) opportunities for building upgrades to our Lee residence. Bidders may submit proposals for one or both projects.

Security Camera System Upgrade
Please review the following documents for complete details.

Roof Fence Upgrade & Rear Courtyard Rail
Please review the following documents for complete details.

Submission Requirements:
A signed original and two copies of the proposal must be received by:
Common Ground HDFC II
Lee / Pitt Street LP
Attn:  Kelvin Brown
505 Eighth Avenue – 12th Floor
New York, NY 10018

• Emailed proposals will be accepted but complete, signed original proposals must be received not later than by 2 days after the Due Date.
• Normal business hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
• Proposals received after the due date will be returned unopened.
• Vendors are strongly encouraged to submit proposals in advance of the due date to avoid the possibility of missing the due date because of unforeseen circumstances.
• Vendors assume the risk of the methods of dispatch chosen. Common Ground assumes no responsibility for delays caused by any package or mail delivery service.
• Postmarking by the due date WILL NOT substitute for receipt of proposal. 
• All bid envelopes must be marked with the following information:
      Name of Bidder
      Address of Bidder
      Due Date
      RFP Name
      Project Name

Please note that the work will be subject to the HUD / LMDC compliance requirements outlined in this Schedule A.