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Statement from Common Ground on Mayor’s Housing Plan

Brenda Rosen, Executive Director of Common Ground, released the following statement in reaction to Mayor de Blasio's housing plan:

"Common Ground applauds Mayor de Blasio for making supportive and family housing a priority in his landmark affordable housing plan. New York City is facing a homelessness epidemic and desperately needs safe, secure homes to accommodate an array of underserved populations.

"Common Ground’s greatest focus is on aiding New Yorkers with special needs. More than half of homeless single adults in the US struggle with mental illness, substance abuse and chronic health problems, and these individuals need supportive housing where they can access on-site services. Common Ground is also increasingly working to prevent homelessness among other very low-income New Yorkers, including families. We are especially pleased that the Mayor will be giving families priority for NYCHA units and that the plan has targeted 20% of the housing units created or preserved for very and extremely low income populations.

"We are thrilled that the Mayor has recognized the many diverse needs in our City and has set priorities that will make great strides in helping our most vulnerable residents."

About Common Ground
Common Ground is a nationally respected leader in efforts to end homelessness and one of the largest developers and managers of supportive housing in the nation. It also operates vital outreach programs to assist people living on the streets in New York City. For additional information, visit