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Grant from the van Ameringen Foundation for psychiatric programming

Funding Will Support Critical On-site Care for Formerly Homeless New Yorkers

July 15, 2016

NEW YORK – Breaking Ground today announced a grant from the van Ameringen Foundation, which will provide psychiatric services for 112 formerly homeless New Yorkers living in Breaking Ground’s Scatter Site program. The grant will allow for the hiring of a psychiatrist and the development of an extensive two-year mental health-focused training program for Breaking Ground’s case managers to better support their clients suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

“Breaking Ground is incredibly grateful to the van Ameringen Foundation for their generous support of our psychiatric programs with this grant,” said Brenda Rosen, President and CEO of Breaking Ground. “The van Ameringen Foundation has a long history of supporting organizations at the forefront of psychiatric care for disadvantaged populations. This funding will provide critical support for the very populations who need it the most, many of whom suffer from severe mental illness that has gone untreated after spending years living on the streets.”

Breaking Ground’s Scatter Site program provides affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals who live in apartments in the community as opposed to buildings with onsite social service supports. (These units help to supplement a scarcity of supportive units for special needs individuals.) This program already provides fundamental services including counseling, healthcare, employment resources, recreational programs and more. Case managers regularly meet with clients in their apartments, establishing a strong relationship and ensuring they receive the support that they need in order to maintain their housing. The Scatter Site program demonstrates that a personalized approach to care helps individuals overcome challenges traditionally viewed as insurmountable barriers to housing.

Breaking Ground’s Scatter Site program has already seen incredible success, with an over 90% housing retention rate, and the van Ameringen grant will allow the organization to provide tenants with the mental health services they need to thrive. The Scatter Site psychiatrist will provide tenants with comprehensive psychiatric care, many for the first time, including onsite assessments and evaluations, assistance with medication/prescription management and consultations for support staff. The case manager trainings will cover important topics including harm reduction, psychiatric diagnosis and engaging with mental health service providers.

The new funding will provide critical support to 112 residents, helping to build and restore their lives and reduce costly emergency medical interventions.

About Breaking Ground
Breaking Ground is NYC's largest supportive housing provider, and owns the Prince George in Chelsea. Formerly one of New York’s premier hotels, The Prince George now provides affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless adults and persons living with HIV/AIDs. Over the past 25 years, Breaking Ground has helped more than 12,000 people escape and avoid homelessness, work that is especially critical now as the city faces a homelessness and affordable housing crisis.

About van Ameringen Foundation
The van Ameringen Foundation is a private grant making foundation located in New York City. The Foundation was established by Arnold Louis van Ameringen in 1950 and received its assets from him during his lifetime and at his death in 1966 and from his widow, Hedwig van Ameringen, during her lifetime and at her death in 1996. This is not to be confused with the H. van Ameringen Foundation, established by Henry van Ameringen. From its beginning, the Foundation has funded prevention, education, and direct care in the mental-health field, with an emphasis on those individuals and populations having an impoverished background and few opportunities, for whom appropriate intervention would produce positive change.