Media Mentions

The Brook wins Residential Architect Design Award

This six-story 92,000-square-foot complex in the South Bronx provides affordable housing units and community spaces for low-income, formerly homeless, and mentally ill residents. Manhattan-based Alexander Gorlin Architects organized the 190 units along double-loaded corridors on the upper stories of the L-shaped building, and installed recreational areas, computer labs, and supportive services on the ground floor.

A green roof and rear gardens are complemented by red-painted terraces cut into the corner that anchors the intersection of Brook Avenue and East 148th Street. Despite what juror Josh Shelton referred to as a "severe streetscape," the LEED Silver complex won praise from the jury for its savvy use of cost-conscious materials and its programming. "Its massing and use of materials are quite stellar," juror Gregory Hoss said. "The way it is cut at the corner, allowing you to see the colors inside, really does reflect what's going on in terms of public or semi-public versus private space."