How does a CSA work?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are mutually beneficial partnerships between local farms and community members. The farmer brings fresh, affordable produce to the community and the community provides a stable financial base for the farm.

CSA members join the CSA in winter and early spring, providing capital that allows the farmer to purchase seeds, hire labor, and get the season started without having to take out high interest loans.

As a CSA member, you will receive a weekly delivery of your share of the farmer’s harvest from June through November (20 to 22 weeks).

Shares will be delivered directly to the Prince George at 14 East 28th Street for you to pick-up between the hours of 3:30 and 7:30 pm each week. Shares must be picked up on distribution day.

CSA members are required to volunteer for four hours each season. The volunteer support is at the heart of the program and can be fulfilled in a multitude of ways, including setting up distributions.

What are other products?

In addition to the quality organic produce that Norwich Meadow Farms grows and delivers to our CSA members, our farmer is also able to link with other local New York State farmers to bring us other organic food products including eggs, granola, honey, maple syrup, poultry, fruit and other fine local goods. CSA members have the opportunity to order these items as an additional purchase once they sign up for a share.

How much does it cost?

Share cost varies based on the options you select. Prices for a single vegetable share, for example, are just $18.18 per week!

Please refer to the current application form for information about cost and payment options: http://www.princegeorgecsa.com/summer-share-options-prices

Organic produce is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or fertilizers.

An organic method of agriculture works to minimize pollution by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals that end up in our air, soil, water and food supply.
The end result is fresher food that tastes great and is good for you and the environment!

Please note all members must be paid in full for both shares and other products before the season begins. Please be advised that there will be a $10 late fee applied to all late payments.

How do I sign up?

To join or for more information, please visit our brand new CSA website: www.princegeorgecsa.com.