For Social Workers

If your client is homeless and living in a shelter or receiving services through a drop-in shelter, he or she may be eligible for placement into one of our units reserved for homeless individuals. In order to be eligible for one of these units, their caseworker must submit a referral packet to the Department of Homeless Services (DHS)’s Supportive Housing Placement & Vacancy Control Unit.

If your client is receiving services from the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA), he or she may still be eligible for housing. All HASA applications must be submitted to our social service partners, CUCS, via the HASA Housing Web.

If your client is currently street homeless, in a shelter, or receiving services from the Office of Mental Health, please contact the CUCS Housing Resource Center at (212) 801-3333 for information on housing options and assistance with the housing process.

To learn more about emergency housing options available through the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), please call 3-1-1.